Quite a few changes were introduced during this time period

  • Keyboard navigation was fixed for the GridView of AlbumView and OverviewPage.
    • The GridView was not getting focusScope because of the Kirigami’s ScrollablePage, which was corrected by Marco Martin in the Kirigami repository.

  • Introduced corner action for selection of collections and images same as that in Dolphin file manager.

    • Selecting a collection (before clicked) Selecting a collection before clicked

    • Selecting a collection (after clicked) Selecting a collection after clicked

  • Made visibilty of the selectionHighlight dependent on the selection of the collections.
    • As soon as a collection is clicked, the index is inserted into the m_selectionModel (SortModel).
    • And the visibilty status of the selectionHighlight is dependent on whether the index is selected or not in the m_selectionModel

  • Completely removed Baloo from the application as it was not very useful according to the application requirements.

  • The implementation of ImageFolderModel is changed a little bit.
    • Now the ImageFolderModel’s implementation is based on KIO framework.

  • A new model ImageListModel is created to store just the list of images. That is each row of the model will be a single image.